Apex or Nothing Custom - Complete Scooter

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Apex or Nothing Freestyle Scooter Complete

Apex is your fav brand ? Here you are served !

This full Apex complete (aparts wheels and grips) is the perfect fusion between lightness and resistance

You are now ready to land all your dream bangers !


Total Weight: 3.87kgs / 8.5 pounds

Total Height: 930mm / 36.5”

Grips: Trynyty Grips Black swirl Blue

Bars: Apex Bol XL HIC Black 

Bars Height: 673mm / 26.5"

Bars Width: 546mm / 21.5"

Clamp: Apex Lite 2 Bolts Raw

Headset: Apex Integrated Black

Fork: Apex Quantum SCS/HIC Black

Deck: Apex Angle 5 Bleu

Deck Length: 495mm / 19.5"

Deck Width: 127mm / 5"

Deck Footspace: 355mm / 14”

Brake: Apex Lite Brake

Griptape: Jessup Black

Wheels: Trynyty Wi-Fi 110X24mm Bleu core with Black/White swirl PU