Clovis's Feu De l'Enfer Custom - Complete Scooter

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Clovis's "Feu de l'enfer" Custom Freestyle Scooter Complete

Be careful it's hot ! Here is the new custom build by Clovis Boudreau the wonderful Feu De l'Enfer ! Made with an Envy AOS v5 5.5 Deck, Tilt Sentry Bar et Trynyty componants. Everything you need to ride smooth as a butterfly 

Click HERE to see how this custom was made (with beautiful energy)


Total Weight: 4.56kgs  10.05pounds

Total Height: 1003mm / 39.5”

Grips: Tilt Metra 

Bars: Tilt Sentry

Bars Height: 711mm / 28"

Bars Width: 610mm / 24"

Clamp: Trynyty SCS

Headset: Envy Integrated

Fork: Trynyty Trident 1.5

Deck: Envy AOS v5 Flavio Pesenti 

Deck Length: 560mm / 22"

Deck Width: 139.7mm / 5.5"

Deck Footspace: 419mm / 16.5”

Brake: Envy Nylon Brake

Griptape: QC Scooters X Versus Pro Shop Clovis Boudreau Signature

Wheels: Proto Plasma Star Bright Clear PU with Silver Core 110X24mm