AO Lamda 3.1 - Scooter Deck

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Stronger and lighter was the goal when developing the Lambda 3.1 deck. We accomplished this by completely re-designing the construction process: Many traditional downtubes cut through the center of the deck creating a weak point. We're using a U-shaped welding technology which barely hurts the deck and also significantly increases the welding area. Another important step was to have the welds sitting on the vertical beams which are much stronger than the top or bottom layer. We also increased the wall thickness of the center beams by 30 % and the top and bottom by 10 % for additional strength and stiffness. While this adds weight we were able to hollow out the base of neck which resulted in an overall weight saving of about 1 1/2" oz. (50 g).
Other improvements are a machined headset opening after anodizing for a precise fit, the neck was moved all the way forward to maximize deck space and the angled shape starts right at the beam to prevent any bending of the edges.
Unchanged are the great riding abilities from the perfect balance to the completely flat bottom to maximize the grinding area and integrated grind rails which reduce friction and increase grinding speed. The deck is fully integrated and made of the highest grade heat-treated 6061 T6 aluminum. Slightly rounded side walls provide a smooth feel in finger whips. A curved stainless steel flex brake prevents flat spots on your wheel.


  • Forged head and downtube
  • Fully integrated
  • Machined Headset after anodizing
  • U-shaped welds
  • 30 % stronger center beams
  • Extruded aluminum ST6061, T6
  • Flat bottom with grind rails Width: 4 1/2' (114 mm)
  • Steel Flex brake (rounded)
  • Headtube angle: 82.5
  • Weight: only 3.0 lbs., 1.38 kgs
  • High tensile Chromoly steel rear axle bolt
  • Headtube length: 4 1/4 (109 mm)
  • Sizes: Size s: 19.5' (495 mm)
  • Size m: 20.5' (520 mm)
  • Size l: 21.25' (535 mm)