Nicknames : Will, GucciWilly

IG : @gucci_willy

Age : 23

Location : Montreal

Sponsors : QcScooters

Favorite Scooter Part : 

Favorite Video Part : TTS AMST

Favorite Trick : 360 Downwhip

Willy has been shredding for quite some time now and is a staple of the QC Team.

He rides with flow and power unique to only him. You can catch him cruzing all bowls in Montreal on his scoot or Skate but only before 10am.

Current Set-Up

Grips: Ethic DTC Grips

Bar: Trynyty Why Bar Titanium

Clamp: Trynyty SCS

Headset: Ethic Basic Integrated

Fork : Trynyty Trident v1.5 

Deck: North Horizon 6.0

Wheels: Black Pearl Venom 12STD 125X30

Griptape: Trynyty Jordan Stanley Promodel

Brake: Trynyty Manta