Free shipping over 75$

If you order for more than 75$ before taxes, we'll pay the shipping fees! If you're below that and don't want to be charged the 15$ flat shipping fee, we suggest adding a wearable part or clothing to the order to reach the 75$ ;)

Always the best shipping option

We're using multiple transporters to best fulfil your need! Not all transporters offers the same shipping delays. We'll always take the one that offers the fastest option depending on your service choice so that your order get to you real quick. 

If you're in a rush, you can always choose the Express option for 10$ more. We'll take the transporter with the fastest Express option! And if you're in an even bigger rush, contact us to check if we can do even better with a priority or next day delivery. 

A 24h window to have your order on the go

Whatever your choice of shipping service, we're working hard to get your goods to you as fast as possible, that's why we guaranty that your order will be packed and ready to ship in the next 24h (open days) from the purchase.