The Official QC Scooters Team

Ethan Kirk 

Newmarket, On

The Deputy has been riding for QC over 4 years now. The man has gone as far as Las Vegas to compete in ISA contests and puts out some of the heaviest parts to ever come out of Canada. 

Jordan Stanley 

Orillia, On

The silent killer, Jordan is probably your favorite riders favorite rider. The effortlessly proper style Jordan brings is timeless and you know you are excited everytime you seem him while scrolling your feed!

Josh Tapscott

Elmvale, On

The man know almost exclusively as "Clit" has won over our hearts with his pure dedication and unique style. Josh rides more than most and finishes just about every sesh with a new trick. The progression is real.

Benjamin Lemieux 

Montreal, Qc

Ben is probably the most under rated rider in all of canada at the moment. If you have not seen him ride in person, you know nothing. Not one to post on his IG too often his full part will be out one day....maybe .... we hope

William Harrison 

Rawdon, Qc

Willy has been shredding for quite some time now and is a staple of the QC Team. He rides with flow and power unique to only him. If you are trying to spot him somewhere, just look for the dude going mach 2.5 

Clovis Boudreau 

Montreal, Qc

Clovis started working in the shop at Versus during the early days.  It was apparent very early on he would end up in the QC familly as well. His consistent style, pure love for filming and his level of riding has created some of the most enjoyable content to come out of Quebec.

Leo Bastien 

Montreal, Qc

Leo was one of those park rats who came to Taz just about every day for years until suddenly he was going higher and hitting lines no one else was. A frontflip master, Leo is the culmination of a determined & dedicated rider putting in the work at the skatepark. Watch out for him at any contest.

Joran Bouchard 

Montreal, QC

JO JO is another young shredder who got his start riding at Le Taz but before you knew it, he was not only sending it with the older shredders, but going even harder! He worked his way onto the team and continues to expand his riding in every single session 

Zach Turgeon 

Montreal, Qc

Zach AKA T-Slide has probably spent more time at Taz in his life than most spend at any park and it easily shows. Zach can do anything from a flip drop in first try on his park scooter, to a halfcab manny combo on his street scooter that will blow your mind. 

Kevin Turgis 

From somewhere in France... but Montreal Now

Kevin Craps Turgis, the French OG and Dissideince fam (tattoo verified) has landed up north and he now works in the shop.  After a just a few sessions it was clear he fit right in with the gang and we are stoked to have him riding with us officially. 

Cody Lacroix 

Montreal, Qc (formerly Onterrible)

Because every team needs that washed up rider!! Cody has been riding with QC since 2012 and working since 2014. Probably catch him with a mic more than a scooter in his hands these days but he still has a few (and we mean just a few) good tricks up his sleeve