Nicknames : Fatpizzayouknowtherest, Benjy

Age : 21 (Mentally 12)

Location : Montreal, QC

Sponsors : QC Scooters,Versus Pro Shop, Trynyty, Covet

Years Riding : 11 Years

Riding Style : Rag

Favorite Scooter Part : Trynyty T&T Bar

Favorite Scooter Video : Apple Orchard

Favorite Trick : 360 Whip Gaps 

IG : @fatpizzaslut

Meet Benjamin

Probably the most under-rated rider over all Canada, Benjy was able break any part until he becomes a Pro for Trynyty.

Ex-park rats and from his 6.4'' height, he Handle his scooter to perfection, a scooter that for us look like a real tank.

Benjamin Lemieux

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