Nicknames : 

Age : 20

Location : Toronto, On

Sponsors : QC Scooters, Versus Pro Shop, UrbanArtt

Years Riding : 7 Years

Riding Style : Savage

Favorite Scooter Part : Anything UrbanArtt

Favorite Video Part : Anything 

Favorite Trick : 50-50 Inward

IG : @kieron_sheprd


Meet Kieron

Kieron is an absolute animal. Another former pure park rider who can now do it all. He has been crushing contests and street jams for years now. His wins include Toronot Street Jam(2x) London Street Jam, Canadien Open Street Category as well as podiums at Montreal Street Jam (2nd 1x + 3rd 1x) and London Street Jam (2nd 1x)

He has been killing it so hard in the last couple years he is now getting hooked up through UrbanArtt! We could not be more stoked for our dude.

Welcome to QCS

Kieron Sheppard