Indo Trampoline Scooter 570 With Riser 670


Brand Indu

● WORLD FIRST OFFICIAL TRAMPOLINE SCOOTER - the patented deck that won’t damage the trampoline mat. 

● TRAIN TRICKS AT HOME - patent pending technology enables training scoot tricks indoors on your home floor. 

● TECHNIQUE - perfect for tweaking your scootering technique and honing your skills. 

● LIGHTWEIGHT AND SAFE - giving you the confidence to try and execute the dream tricks. 

● FUN - gives you a new dimension to your trampoline play whether you scoot or not.

● < 150cm riders, under 50kg

● product weight ~1kg 

● Aluminum handlebar, height 57cm, width 43cm

● hand grips

● deck made of soft and elastic material, pre-greased bearing base

● installation instructions, integrated to package.

● screws, washers and other parts for assembly (plastic bag)