The Raw Power - Scooter Custom

$788.00 $699.95

Brand Versus Pro Shop - QC Scooters

With that new street custom, we decided to go all out! All the best parts are united to offer you, what we could consider, the best street scooter. We could obtain a weight of only 9 pounds, even with 30mm wheels, by using the Tilt Theory3 deck, the Oath Cage SCS and the Triad Riot Chromo butted bar which are all street parts made to have a super good weight to strength ratio!

And what to say about that look! All raw parts with clay/gum accent on the wheels and grips. And the clear Griptape even makes you forget that there's one at all! 

Enjoy one of our best custom creation yet! 


Deck: Tilt Theory 3 Select Raw 22in x 5.5in

Bars: Triad Riot Butted Chromoly Raw 24in x 28in (39in from ground)

Clamps: Oath Cage SCS Raw 

Fork: UrbanArtt Civic Raw

Wheels: North Scooters Jackson Brower signature 115x30mm 

Headset: Trynyty integrated

Grips: Native Emblem Clay

Griptape: Undialed clea

Weight: 9lbs 03oz